Friday, February 5, 2016


My first notebook on the Cross
It is hard to imagine that over two decades ago I embarked on my first meditative journey to the Cross with Jesus  in preparation for Easter.  If you've read my book, Contemplating the Cross, you may remember that what I thought would take a few weeks took almost a year and turned my life upside down.

I am amazed still, that year after year, the story of Christ crucified, with its disturbing depth and profound mystery, still fascinates, astounds, sobers and enthralls me.  The saga of the Cross indeed never gets old.

If you haven't ever set aside this season for meaningful contemplation on the Cross, or if it's been awhile, I want to invite, and indeed encourage you to embrace Lent wholeheartedly this year.  

And if you've ever journeyed with Jesus to the Cross, then you know how it changes you, so don't forget to begin again this Wednesday.

I wish I could post the devotionals from my book online as I've done in the past, but the publisher has not given me permission.  You can order the book by clicking here.  (While you're there you can pre-order my new book, The Wired Soul, which comes out in June--more on that later. )

Adding doodling to my meditations

Have a blessed Lenten season and may you know Christ and him crucified more deeply this year than ever.