Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm being stretched thin -- there's no doubt about it.  This new venture I'm on (going back to school after 30 years) is no walk in the park.  Every day brings new challenges and sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions, I'm like a rubber band about to snap.
The thing I keep telling myself is that this is good, that it forces greater dependency on the Lord and will surely forge unprecedented growth.  And while these things are certainly true and have been my experience, there is still a strong urge within me to run back to the safety and security of the life I had, where the challenges were more defined and the answers easier to find.
I'd love to share more, but unfortunately I don't have time.  Writing here is regretably one of many good things I've had to let go of.  But I did get a chance to unpack this a little in a message to my home church a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know about that.  I called it Nixing the Naysayers, and for the most part, spoke about being my own worst critic, and most avid questioner...and what I'm learning to do about that.  You can hear the message if you're interested by clicking here.   (Just look below and click on the second message.)
Meanwhile, I pray you are being stretched a little too -- it really is good for the soul.


  1. "Between knowledge and decision, a leap is required, even if it is necessary to know as much and as well as possible before deciding."

    --Jacques Derrida, "For What Tomorrow...: A Dialogue (Cultural Memory in the Present)"

    Thank you for your message.


  2. Tricia, I think of how your life now as a student is such an enormous witness to those around you. Whether it's close friends, church body or the young women in the Brig. Your stretching is the reality that they too,can still pursue dreams. Dreams that maybe have been put on hold for a season can now, with the Lord's timing become realities. I think of the Hope your going back to school must bring those young women in the Brig. There is oh so much more to it than 'just going back to school'.
    Stretching has a humility and an honesty that you can't get being comfortable. And it is good for the soul, I know.

  3. Tricia, I just took the time out on my day off to listen to God speaking through you to me. Words that rang clear in my ears. I, too, have taken on His work in ways still unsure...sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy, but His work nonetheless. I am thankful for The Soul at Rest and pray I might drink from its' fountain more and share in response. Keep on Keeping on! Another stretched disciple of Our Lord Jesus...

  4. Hi Tricia, I'm feeling stretched too. So much to do here and time seems so limiting. Sigh. We did listen to the message and were greatly encouraged. I know I have to keep coming back to what is essential - loving God and trusting Him to guide me in all my ways. I hope you find a few minutes to drop these tidbits during your intense journey. I like to know how it goes with you and so often I personally identify with where you are at as a fellow pilgrim.