Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti, the begats and being intentional

I have to admit I've felt some striving in these first few days of intentional living, but that's not all bad.  I've learned to let that feeling draw me to the Lord and instead of trying to impress Him, just tell Him how desperately I need Him.
So I was reading the newspaper on Thursday and thinking of those suffering in Haiti and that word -- intentional -- resounded ever so strongly in my ear.  I thought of all the times I have wanted to respond to things like these and didn't.  I began to pray about it and last night my husband and I simply asked the Lord, "What do you want us to give?"  It was great -- we both heard the same amount, and though it would be sacrificial, we felt such joy because we knew that God had spoken. 
Hearing God's voice is critical to being intentional, for it's the only way we can walk in freedom AND obedience with joy.  It's not so much about all the things I'm going to DO, but the way I plan to listen more, and then do what the Spirit impresses me to do.  Make sense?
Speaking of being intentional -- you gotta love those begats (that's the geneology in Matthew 1).  Because we know God is an intentional God and does all things for His own pleasure, it is a wonder to see prostitutes and murderers and adulterers and just run of the mill folk in the lineage of Christ.  How encouraging to know that it is HIS pleasure to use broken, messed up people.  Matthew seems to go out of his way to make this clear, even listing women, which was unheard of.  What an amazing God we have...
And it's great to walk with all of you --  Please share your own adventures in intentionality to encourage us.
Now I just need to hear His voice about where to give our offering for Haiti -- I'll keep you posted!


  1. Hey Tricia,

    I too am trying to listen AND obey. Regarding the begats: I reread about Perez. The two things I got from that are (1) that God can use ANYTHING for His glory, and (2) that I have no right to cut myself down. Just as I can't judge others, and need to leave it to God, I can't judge myself either. That whole self-condemnation thing.

    Other thing: 21st century Christians don't have a corner on trying to contain Jesus. The lawyer tried to limit who his neighbor was. Peter thought that seven times was a whole lot of forgiving. It's like we're saying, "Okay, Jesus, I'm all for following you, but don't go all crazy on me! I mean, let's be realistic." To which I expect Jesus would respond, "yes, let's be realistic. Stop limiting me."


  2. Great word Geoffrey -- I guess it is simply human nature to want to control how He operates in our lives...I think though, that they, like us, simply have no idea how radically He wants to work -- unlimited!!