Thursday, February 4, 2010


"So, what did you do today, hon?" my husband asked as I put the finishing touches on dinner.  I proceeded then to outline all I'd accomplished -- cleaned house, 4 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaned out a cupboard and fixed dinner.  I was feeling pretty proud of how industrious I'd been, but apparently it didn't make too much of an impression on him, because as we sat down to eat, he asked me again, "So what did you do today?"

I can't really blame him for not being wowed by my achievements, but this morning as I sit here with the Lord I am pondering what it means to be intentional in the midst of life's never-ending mundane moments.  Sitting here, I've realized that the day actually had a great gain for me due to the fact that while I was cleaning and folding laundry, I listened to some messages from John Piper's conference on Christian Hedonism.  (When I want a jolt in my spirit, there's nothing like John Piper!)  See for yourself by clicking here.

Piper's message was on C.S. Lewis' life and passion.  It spoke of how Lewis explored deeply the 'inconsolable longing' for joy that is within every person -- which nothing in this world can satisfy.  This longing is what actually drew Lewis to Christ.  These things were not new, but what washed over me like a fresh rain as I listened was the caution to not make an idol of joy, which can so easily happen when we put our eyes on how we feel or what we are experiencing of Christ, instead of His inherent worth and beauty.  Simply put, the message was a good reminder that I need to be very INTENTIONAL about remaining Christ-centered even in my desire to have tangible intimacy with Him.

I could go on and on, but the point I'm trying to share here is that a simple decision to spend my cleaning time listening to a message, brought me to a hugely transforming and much needed reality.  It was a little thing to do, a small burst of intentionality, but with great benefit for my soul. 

Now if I'd only shared that with Joe, he might have been a bit more impressed...

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  1. That is a very profound nugget...if not careful, not intentional, I could find myself in pursuit of joy instead of the pursuit of Jesus and finding joy there in the midst of Him