Monday, February 15, 2010

This Surprises Me

I've had an epiphany of sorts this morning.  As I was praying about my week and looking back on yesterday, I asked the Lord how 'intentional' I'd really been.  I pondered the three parts of our resolution -- delighting in God, dialoguing with Him throughout the day, and doing the things His Spirit impresses me to do -- and I realized that I fail most with that middle part -- dialoguing with Him.  I've become fairly habitual about talking to God, but so often fail to connect with that inner voice where He whispers His heart back to me.  What is it then that keeps me from being more intentional?  I simply forget to listen to the Lord.

This surprises me because I thought my struggle was in the 'doing' His will.  It also gives me hope for I realize that my heart does really want to follow His call and do His will -- this is really who I am.  So I am asking for a greater grace to listen today, to hear His desires as I go about the business of life.  And that means more intimacy -- isn't His plan beautiful?

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  1. I find dialoguing with Him throughout my day a daily struggle, as well. And, I am over and over again surprised at my forgetfulness. My friend calls it spiritual amnesia--- If it were a true disease, I would most certainly be diagnoised with it!
    But, I so want more intimacy in my walk with Him and the ability, the steadfast remembering, the open eyes (and ears) to His voice all through my day. May He do this in me!